No more compromises

Cover: Ascension - Revolution start with Rock'n'Roll Ever had your ideas, deep inside in your head, ever knew your decisions, w/out participating Never gave us the opportunity to get angry with you never made us feelin’ bad, at least I think that’s sad It’s maybe this and maybe that, always nice and always smart, you got on with your something that represented anything and sitting around the wooden table talking like we’ve ever done, but today is fuckin different and still you can

State your point of view, say something new, don’t repeat it all again, no more compromises Candlelights and pints of beer, cigarette smoke is in the air, we’ve been here a thousand times, Rock & Roll so familiar, and the discussion moves on, I say what i have to say, hear the words and stuff they say and you are starting to pray:

„Do they really wann hear, something I can’t provide now? Can’t they just go on and talk, something about their work?“
But that I promise you my friend, it is something’s gonna end, I wanna hear it right now, why don’t you, don’t you:

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